Get Healthy 8 Week Challenge

Set your goals. Reach your target. Reap the rewards!

Our get healthy 8 week challenge is not just about losing weight... It is about challenging yourself to make a sustainable lifestyle change that will actually last once the challenge is over!

​I want you to become stronger, have more energy, more endurance, finding everyday activities easier whilst becoming fitter and healthier and learn to enjoy being active.

We will sit down together; discuss your goals and what you will need to put in to achieve them. I will then be there every step of the way to help you reach them. During the challenge you will “learn” how to train better and smarter, shop better and choose the right food so you are prepared to continue the journey after the 8 weeks are over.

​Having been overweight for most of my life. I know that in order to make lasting changes, it takes dedication and support to get you there.

​My challenge is designed for you to meet others, feel supported and get you participating in some fun fitness as well as challenges events, all of which will help you achieve your goals and give you a chance to win some great prizes!

​Challenge Details:

  • Initial Nutritional, Fitness and Goal setting Consultation (value $50)

  • Starter Pack

  • Unlimited Weekly Small Group Fitness Classes (value $30 p/w)

  • Weekly 30 minute Private Personal Training session (value $35 p/w)

  • Weekly nutrition guidelines, ideas and recipes with daily feedback

  • Fortnightly assessments

  • Private online support group

  • Group training challenges- designed to get you doing things you may not normally do 

  • Transformation photos

  • 24hr personal support

  • DIY training routines- for those days you can’t make it to a session

  • Final fitness assessment and measurements 

  • Grand Prize! awarded on points system

  • All for only $60 a week

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Our Clients Success

With the massive help, support and drive from Justin I have been able to keep up with my weight loss, losing 18kg within the year. I hope to continue my journey with my weight loss and keep up with making a lifestyle change for me and my family. Thanks heaps Justin you have done so much in helping me along this journey of mine. Angela Meyrick‎