The importance of Physical Activity for Children

For many of us being active as a child was never an issue. We spent our days riding bikes, running around and exploring the great outdoors. However, today as more and more of us are living in inner city suburbs and our daily lives are filled with computers, gaming consoles and phones. We often forget to get outside and enjoy our great country.

During the formative early childhood years good exercise behaviour patterns can be established. Physical activity in toddlers and pre-schoolers brings physical benefits such as increased muscle strength, coordination and bone density. In addition to the exercise benefits, these activities can boost physical well being later in life by reducing the risk of injury and diseases like osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. So it's important to encourage children into active play early in life.

National guidelines suggest children 0-5, should engage in 2 hours of activity per day and shouldn’t be inactive for more than 1 hour at a time, unless they are sleeping. There are many easy ways to get active with your children, whether it be kicking a ball around it the back yard, going for a walk or taking the kids to the beach for a swim.

The confidence that active play teaches toddlers, leaves them free to enjoy and challenge themselves in physical activity both now and long into adulthood.

I offer a range of Kids Fun Fitness classes designed to get children having fun while exercising and meeting new friends. For more information check out my class timetable and like me on Facebook for news, health recipe ideas, promotions and more.

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