5 simple steps to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution

1- Be realistic

The most important thing when making New Year’s resolutions is being realistic. To many times we try to tackle 10 things at once; only to fail miserably at them all, leaving you feeling defeated and often reverting to your past ways.

If a New Year’s resolution is to be successful it needs to be something that you really want and are willing to put in the effort to achieve, simply saying “I am giving up sugar” is something that is likely to fail as it is a huge undertaking, so try starting small. I am going to cut out sugar in my daily coffee is more likely achievable. One successful resolution is much better than 10 un- realistic goals that fail.

2- Break it down

If your goal is to lose those extra kilos you gained through the year, it is much easier to tackle the challenge by breaking it into smaller weekly challenges. Instead of saying I am going to lose 10Kgs, set time frames in which you hope to achieve this. E.g maybe 2 kilos a month, for 6 months. Having a buffer allows for ups and down, and this allows you to track your progress along the way.

Have a plan: How are you going to achieve this goal? Maybe it is by going to 3 classes a week and taking your own lunches to work. Try this for a few weeks, once you get the hang of it, add something else in. When you have achieve your goal you have something to celebrate, which helps give you the motivation to keep going.

3- Get motivated

Get happy! Studies show that happy people are more motivated. So get watching your favourite movie, listening to your favourite podcast or song. Whatever helps you to get in a good mood.

4- Team up

Often their is a friend or family member who shares your dream goal. Working together can be a great way to stay motivated and help you achieve your goal as you have someone there along the way to keep you going. If you don’t have someone you can work with, joining a group or getting a trainer is another great way to stay motivated.

5- Make it sustainable

Whatever your goal, it needs to be sustainable. If weightless is your goal, it is easy to jump on a fad juice diet and see the quick rewards, only to find that as soon as you stop you put all the weight back on.

It is much better to set realistic goals that you can see yourself fulfilling into the future, otherwise all that hard work is for nothing, and there is no better way to lose your motivation then reverting to your old ways.

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