How to get through a Weight Loss Plateau

How to get through a weight loss plateau

Sustainable weight loss is a journey not a sprint. It takes hard work and dedication, and like any journey there are always obstacles along the way.

The biggest obstacle most of us face once we get started is the dreaded weight loss Plateau. This happens as your body adapts to the changes that it's been going through and things slow down.

What is a weight loss Plateau?

How to beat a weight loss Plateau

A weight loss plateau is a term often used when losing weight, where a persons weight loss stalls after a period of weeks.

As you lose more and more weight, your metabolism slows which in turn causes your body to burn fewer calories then it did during the first weeks of weight loss.

Even though you are eating and exercising the same amount. Your body adapts to the changes and things slow down.

However, don't get discouraged!! This is actually a good thing!! It means what you are doing is working, you just need to manage it accordingly.

How to get through that Plateau?

Review your food intake:

Fresh food

Maybe you have stopped tracking the food, water and exercise you are doing. Often people start off by tracking everything and then stop.

I often hear “I know i'm eating the right amount” but when I ask clients to write down everything they have had and done for a couple of days, this often paints a different picture.

Not eating enough, is just as departmental as eating to much. So write is all down for a day or two and check your on track.

Don't drop calories to low:

If you are not sure what calories your body needs, then ask a professional for help. Getting this right is an essential part of the weight loss journey.

If your eating is on par, then you may need to drop your calorie intake by 100-200 cal per day.

However, you still need to ensure you are fuelling your body. As a guide, never fall below 1200 calories for women and 1500 for Men.

Falling below these ranges can push your body into “Starvation mode" which can leave your body reducing its calorie expenditure rate, making the problem worse, not better.

Think of your body like a car, your body needs fuel to survive and work at its best. So don't starve it.

Not to mention, you will feel better and be a lot happier when your not starving.

Adding Calories

It may sound strange, but quite often adding extra calories to your diet may be all that is required. If you have been on a restricted calorie diet for some time, your metabolism may have stalled as it is not received enough to get it through the day.

Try adding 100-200 calories into your diet. Try increasing the size your breakfast or lunch. You will use these extra calories through the day rather then storing them at night.

Mix up your Exercise Routine

Just in Fitness Services Studio

While nutrition is often the main culprit for your slowdown, progression in your exercise routine can also be a cause.

As your body gets used to the amount of calories consumed, it will also adapt to the workload it is put under.

Regularly changing your training program and increasing intensity will help stop the adaption.

That is why at Just in Fitness Services, we love mixing up our training sessions to keep your body always working at its peak, so you get the best results from your training. Plus you will never get board!

Drink More Water

Drink more water, weight loss

Water is an essential component of calorie burning. It helps flush out any excess sodium and fluid you may be hanging on to.

Drinking water before a meal also helps the body to feel fuller so you don't feel the need to eat as much.

Try drinking from a bottle. Buy yourself a reusable bottle that you like.

It is a great way to track how much you are drinking during the coarse of a day and take it with you. Its a great way to remind yourself to drink more water.

Aim for around 2 litres are day and review based on your diet and exercise needs.

Build more movement into your day

Have fun with being active

If you already work out, adding a little extra activity into your day can make all the difference.

Simple activities such as standing up when folding laundry, ironing when your watch TV or taking the kids for a walk can help you burn an extra 30 to 40 calories per hour.

One extra hour a day over a year, means you’ll burn almost 15,000 additional calories!!

If you still have questions, get in contact for a free no obligation chat.

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