Why your post workout meal is quite possibly your most important meal of the day!

Post work out meal benifits

People often underestimate the importance of replenishing there body post workout.

So we have broken down the benefits for you...

1. Your post workout meal is the meal that replenishes your energy stores post workout. Like a car, your body needs fuel to keep it going.

2. It helps to repair muscle damage, increase muscle size & muscle quality post workout.

3. It can help decrease muscle soreness. Improve immune function & bone mass as well as improve your ability to utilise body fat.

Trick is, your post work out meal needs to consumed 30mins - 1hr post workout in order for your body to reap the benefits!

So what should your post work out meal be?

It is important to include fast acting carbohydrates and protein, try to avoid anything that is higher in fat content:

  • Bread, rice and pasta are great for a quick energy boost.

  • A protein shake or smoothie can be a great option on the go.

  • Tuna, chicken or steak.

  • Vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot and some greens are another great source.

  • You can even sneak a couple of jelly beans for a quick boost, with your protein shake or meal.

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