January 2017- 8 Week Get Healthy Challenge.

Our first 8 week get healthy challenge for 2017 has come to an end with all challengers achieving great results!

Wynnum Wading Pool Challenge

This time around, we had 5 challengers dedicated to making some big improvements, not just through weight loss, but in overall measurements, strength and fitness. Not only did our clients lose body fat but they also gained muscle and improved their strength and overall fitness level. The participants who were looking to drop body weight and body fat lost over 40cm and dropped a total of 6kg. We also had participants wanting to gain size, a lot of people will say that it is hard for people, especially women to put on muscle and size as they age, but we just did that.

8 week get healthy challenge

What is most impressive is the strength and general fitness gains noticed through regular fitness testing, seeing massive improvements in "maximum reps testing" (doing as many repetitions as you can do in one minute). Our clients in many cases doubled the amount of body weight squats performed, going from knee push ups to full toe push ups and core strength improved dramatically as shown in the increase in plank times.

You may be wondering why we focus on strength increases in our challenges more so than just weight loss? Regular strength training helps you reduce body fat and burn calories more efficiently, which results in healthy & sustainable weight loss. By increasing muscle mass you decrease your risk of injury as it helps to protect joints and increases your balance & coordination.

Strength training

Another critical component is your core strength. Increasing your core strength has huge benefits on day to day living, as most activities you do on a daily basis rely on your core muscles. Such as bending, turning and sitting. By increasing your core strength you can decrease back pain, especially those who sit for the majority of the day and not only will you feel better, a healthy body turn heads on the beach, so you’ll feel great, too!

Over the course of the challenge, ​​we put ourselves through some tough challenger sessions. The heat made things challenging for everyone during January and February, but that didn’t stop the team getting in and giving it their all.

Taking advantage of the heat, we made a visit to the Wynnum wading pool for one of our challenges which turned out to be one of our most enjoyable sessions we have done. Racing through the pool, even using the slide as an obstacle we all had a great time and it just felt like being a kid again, whilst getting in a good work out at the same time.

Prospect Street wynnum

Australia day saw us tackle the hills at Wynnum. I'm sure most people have cringed when they hear the word "Prospect St" (an extremely high never ending hill in our local area) and if that isn’t bad enough, we threw in some shuttle runs up and down the hill making it all the more challenging.

You may be asking why our participants don’t lose these crazy amounts of weight that you may see from other gyms and trainers challenges. The simple answer is "Sustainable Weight Loss". Like the name describes, our challenge is about getting healthy and creating a health and fitness journey that will last after the challenge is over. We don't put our clients on crazy 1200 calorie diets that leave you feeling hungry and replace solid meals with shakes and pills. This might be ok if you want to achieve a quick weight loss goal, but these types of diets often lead to clients putting on more weight once they finish as they are simply not sustainable long term.


Healthy living

At Just in Fitness Services our aim is to create sustainable fitness programs that creates lasting results for our clients, through the use of exercise, diet & support. Knowing firsthand that these are all critical elements in losing & keeping of weight long term. That is why at Just in Fitness Services we provide these services at no extra cost to our clients.

But like anything it was still a challenge! All of our clients did a fantastic job, but our Winner Caitlin, doing her 2nd round after losing over 8kg last year, has now dropped another 3.5kg and lost another 19cm.

It makes me so happy to see clients achieve their goals and start them on a sustainable fitness plan that they can stick to so they can continue to improve into the future and become part of our fitness community.

At Just in Fitness Services, we are creating a fitness community not just another place to train! If you are ready to make a sustainable health and fitness change, then come and check out our classes or personal training sessions and see how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

If you are interested in being part of our next challenge in June, register your interest now so we can keep you posted.

In the mean time come along & check out a class and join the fun!

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