Why training with others helps make health and fitness fun

There is no denying that health and fitness can be one of the most challenging lifestyle changes you ever undertake. Many people, my self-included, (check out my story) can spend years trying to find a health and fitness routine that will actually last past the first few weeks.

Support is key

One of the best ways I have found over the years to stick to anything is to have good help and support.

The support of your trainer, your partner, your kids, or some work colleagues can be a great way to get you excited for the journey and keep you motivated along the way as you are all in it together.

That is why at JIFS we have a strong community of clients, online chats and we are always offering additional training, workshops and challenge days as it is the best way to keep you motivated along the way.

Recently, our weekly adventure has been to the local park run every Saturday morning. This has gotten everyone out of bed, tackling something most never would have given a go otherwise. But as we do it together its a great way to start the weekend off and we all have lots of fun along the way.

Make training fun

It might sound simple, but more often than not we forget that being active, is simply that, doing some type of physical activity.

You don't have to spend 7 days a week at the gym or local fitness class to get great results, and I suggest you don't.

Sure, gyms and fitness classes are a fantastic way to get things moving, you have the help and support of a trainer to ensure you get the best from your work out.

But it shouldn't be your only form of exercise. On average 3 training sessions a week, will provide most people with a fantastic starting point for their training.

Mixed with other activities during the week, maybe a family bike ride, a group sport or walking the dog and you have all you need to start seeing some great results, while also feeling great.

Getting active in your every day life is the first step in making a lasting change to your health and fitness, as it becomes part of your lifestyle, so you don't even think about doing it, it is something you enjoy and want to do.

Too often than not people go so hard at the gym or with some workout plan, that it all gets to much and eventually they stop and give up. Without incorporating other exercise in there life, all that hard work and dedication is completely wasted when they simply revert back to their old ways.

When starting out it is best to think about when, and how much you can realistically fit in each week. Stick to those sessions and then you have the rest of the week to fit in other exercise at home when you have some down time. Even if it is as simple as getting off one stop earlier on your way to work, or taking the stairs.

Try new things, find things you enjoy and then exercise will never be a choir.

Challenge yourself

Twilight Bay Run 2016

Over the years I have been thrilled to see some of my clients transform the way they view fitness, taking on challenges such as park run, marathons, bike rides even triathlons, which many would never have even thought about before.

I know myself, there is no better feeling than the joy you get by achieving things they never thought possible and helping them do the same is why I became a trainer in the first place.

Often we think about doing these things, but the thought of doing it alone can be overwhelming, so often we just don't bother.

That is why we love getting a team together, so everyone has support and we all get to have fun along the way together.

Its a lifestyle change

What I have learnt is that there are no quick fixes or miracle pills when you want lasting results. Its about making small, realistic changes over time to your diet and finding ways to be active that you actually enjoy, if you are going to stick with it.

This is why I offer my clients complete support for everything from nutrition, to exercise to making healthy living easier.

I am a firm believer that until you change your mind set about health and fitness; looking at it as a lifestyle change, not just an exercise routine, it is very hard to stick to a training program long term.

But once you do, life just gets better. You feel better, happier and you get to share this with the people in your life.

If this sounds like the training environment you have been looking for then get in contact I would love to here from you.

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Until next time happy training

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