Nothing makes us happier than helping others achieve their health & fitness dreams!


Pamela Crisham

Justin Winsch is a truly exceptional Trainer, he is the perfect combination of tough and warm, kind and personal and knows when encouragement is needed. Justin works well with the whole person, physically, emotionally, & mentally. I am healthier, stronger, fitter, more flexible and slimmer (not to mention more sane) than I have ever been, despite having 4 children under 7. Justin has taught me that health & fitness should be part of everyday life, and he has made fitness enjoyable . Justin is professional, enthusiastic and has extensive knowledge on health, fitness & wellbeing. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Justin will lead you every step of the way

Sandra Balderson 

I discovered Justin for my 8 yr old. He has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and has low muscle tone that was negatively affecting his learning at school and day to day function. Our occupational therapist suggested to see a PT to 'strengthen him up'. Well! Justin has changed our lives! In 6 months we have seen significant improvement in my sons strength and in turn improvements at school and at home. My son absolutely loves Justin's fun and joking manner, he looks forward to it every week...he just makes training fun.! Justin is always open with co-operating with our OT and my son's needs. I highly recommend Justin and even looking at getting training for myself!

Alice Kathleen

I have been training with Justin for 9 months and I am happier, healthier and fitter than I have ever been. Justin creates unique and challenging sessions along with a supportive and lighthearted environment which makes you want to attend classes instead of seeing working out as a chore. Justin has motivated me to take on the Gateway Bridge twice, as well as participate in the Twilight Bay 5km Run - and for someone who has never run in their life, this was quite a milestone that he helped me reach. I have just completed my first 8 week challenge with Just in Fitness Services and I have seen gains in my fitness levels as well as a 19cm loss in measurements. Could not recommend Justin and his services more highly!

Angela Meyrick

With the massive help, support and drive from Justin, I have been able to keep up with my weight loss, losing 18kg within the year. I hope to continue my journey with my weight loss and keep up with making a lifestyle change for me and my family. Thanks heaps Justin you have done so much in helping me along this journey of mine.

I joined Just In Fitness Services late last year and since then I have noticed a big improvement in my strength and cardio fitness. Justin designs classes that are engaging and challenging whilst catering for all fitness levels. I would recommend Just In Fitness Services to anyone regardless of fitness goals or level of activity - Justin can help! The new app incorporates nutrition and exercise and has been great to use too!

Killian Dolan

Justin is a passionate trainer who has helped me with both weight loss and strength training. Really works with you and listens to what your goals are. Has a great knowledge of nutrition and diet plans, along with the option to purchase supplements and proteins on site. Would highly recommend.